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Bold, Unapologetic, Unadulterated Art

Introducing Dopamine Productions

Unconstrained by traditional norms, we dare to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. No compromises, no limits – just raw, unadulterated art that electrifies your senses. With unapologetic storytelling and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, we create cinematic experiences that captivate minds and electrify souls, leaving a powerful imprint that refuses to be forgotten.

The Partners

Jonathan Diaz

Jonathan Diaz

Phase One Ventures Founder

Though my passion lay in software, initial challenges such as lack of past clients or case studies made it difficult to break into this field. Thus, I initially focused on marketing and web development where the cost barrier was significantly lower. Leveraging the reputation and social proof I garnered in this space, I eventually transitioned into the realm of software.

Nicholas Venecia

Nicholas Venecia


Jay Torres

Jay Torres


The Timeline

MVP Launched

Dopamine Productions was Founded

January 22, 2021

Dopamine Film Division established in association with Bored Film Studios

April 14, 2022

Phase One Ventures Became Equity Partners with Dopamine Productions

July 23, 2023

Create the first Dopamine feature film

January 1, 2025

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